Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Guitar in Pedagogy - Practice - Performance

by Richard Pick, School of Guitar



A Word from the Publisher


Book I

  • The Nature of the Guitar
  • The Right Hand
  • The Left Hand
  • Practice Routine
  • Chromatic Calisthenics

Book II -- The Sharp Keys

  • C Major - A minor
  • G Major - E minor
  • D Major - B minor
  • A Major - F# minor
  • E Major - C# minor
  • B Major - G# minor
  • F# Major - D# minor
  • C# Major - A# minor



Sameh said...

A really great resource for practice of sight reading in ALL keys, fretboard memorization and harmony especially for the advanced player.
Thank you very much Addy, I was looking for such a wonderful resource..

tesserakat said...

Please repost, link is down.


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