Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Canon in D

I found this video when I browse around youtube. This piece is arranged and played by Per-Olov Kindgren.  Enjoy

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Free Online Ear Training

It's been a while I haven't updated the blog. I was extremely busy for the past 6 months. Change in working position, moving to a new house......... And importantly, I found quite many people visit my blog, and download the material from sendspace. However, I received only few compliment and most of the mail were sent to me asking for material, and tell me the files are unavailable anymore in my Sendspace account. I make no income from this site, and thus cannot afford to pay for permanent Sendspace account. Please tolerate!

Anyway, I found some good site that help training a musician's ear. Pretty good!!!

This program is unique because it helps associate intervals to common songs, which is the fastest way to learn.

There is a free program that you can download called GNU Solfege

  • Recognise melodic and harmonic intervals
  • Compare interval sizes
  • Sing the intervals the computer asks for
  • Identify chords
  • Sing chords
  • Scales
  • Dictation
  • Remembering rhythmic patterns
  • and more..


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