Sunday, May 10, 2009

Free Online Ear Training

It's been a while I haven't updated the blog. I was extremely busy for the past 6 months. Change in working position, moving to a new house......... And importantly, I found quite many people visit my blog, and download the material from sendspace. However, I received only few compliment and most of the mail were sent to me asking for material, and tell me the files are unavailable anymore in my Sendspace account. I make no income from this site, and thus cannot afford to pay for permanent Sendspace account. Please tolerate!

Anyway, I found some good site that help training a musician's ear. Pretty good!!!

This program is unique because it helps associate intervals to common songs, which is the fastest way to learn.

There is a free program that you can download called GNU Solfege

  • Recognise melodic and harmonic intervals
  • Compare interval sizes
  • Sing the intervals the computer asks for
  • Identify chords
  • Sing chords
  • Scales
  • Dictation
  • Remembering rhythmic patterns
  • and more..


Sameh said...

You're right, Addy. Most of us are guilty of benefiting from the wonderful blog without giving you any of your much deserved praise and credit. I apologise for this mistake and invite everybody to recognise the amazing effort of Addy Ho, and to assist the blog by sending him any resources that you would like to share with other fellow guitarists.
Thank you Addy, we really owe you much...

Addy Ho said...

Thanks for your support. A little support is a big encouragement to me. So, when many support comes, I will have a hugh encouragement!!!!


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