Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ctibor Susser No. 6 Fantasy from the world of minerals



Vol. 6 is written for mature, experienced and technically well-accomplished players. On the other hand, the melodies are composed in such a way as to make their technique accessible and uncomplicated. The Volume opens with an eight-piece renaissance-like Suite for one or two guitars. Further pieces are mostly romantic in character. There is also, however, music influenced by clacissism, blues and the Spanish style. The Volume contains 36 solo pieces, of which 19 have a second part added.

The pieces in this textbook bear names of stones that I have collected in the Slavkov Forest region of Western Bohemia. A number of stones on show in museums all round the world hail from this region. I am enchanted by stones, and several times a week make visits to places which once saw the beginnings of mining in the Middle Ages.

1 Kasiterit
2 Jarosit
3 Bertrandit
4 Citrin
5 Covellin
6 Markazit
7 Crandalit
8 Waylandit
9 Wavellit
10 Olivenit
11 Dickit
12 Ametyst
13 Variscit
14 Rockbridgeit
15 Russelit
16 Jaspis
17 Emplektit
18 Turmalin
19 Libethenit
20 Opal
21 Frondelit
22 Erytrin
23 Goshenit
24 Beryl
25 Langit
26 Topaz
27 Goethit
28 Strengit
29 Chryzokol
30 Azurit
31 Kakoxen
32 Fluellit
33 Karfolit
34 Skorodit
35 Ramsdellit
36 Tyrkys


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