Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Esteban Classical Guitar Vol 3


1. Simple Gifts
2. Frankie and Johnny
3. Amazing Grace
4. Pachelbel's Canon
5. Irish Jig
6. Mediterana (Bonus Video)



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Esteban Classical Guitar Vol 2

1. House of the Rising Sun
2. Variation on Malaguena
3. Greensleeves Expanded
4. Wildwood Flower Expanded
5. House of the Rising Sun Lead
6. Aura Lee
7. Turkey In the Straw
8. House of the Rising Sun (Bonus Video)



Classical Guitar Favorites by Danny Gill


his visual guide to playing six classical guitar pieces includes tablature on-screen for every piece. 1 hour 45 minutes.
Songs include: Bouree in E Minor, Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, Leyenda, Malaguena, Minuet in G, Romance.

Classical Guitar Favorites.part01.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part02.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part03.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part04.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part05.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part06.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part07.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part08.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part09.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part10.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part11.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part12.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part13.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part14.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part15.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part16.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part17.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part18.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part19.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part20.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part21.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part22.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part23.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part24.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part25.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part26.rar
Classical Guitar Favorites.part27.rar

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Practicing: A Musician’s Return to Music, Glenn Kurtz


"The book of a lifetime. . . . A lyrical memoir-meditation.”—Newsday

In Practicing: A Musician’s Return to Music, Glenn Kurtz takes us on a journey of hope, loss, and surprising return. Telling the story of his career as a classical guitarist—from his first lessons at the age of eight to his acceptance at the elite New England Conservatory of Music—Kurtz lets the reader into the passionate, hidden world of making and performing music, revealing the elation, the self-doubt, and the intense determination that define the work of practicing.

A prodigy at age ten, by twenty-five, Kurtz realizes that his dream of being the next Segovia will not come true. Devastated by this realization, he quits music forever. Or so he thought. Ten years later, Kurtz returns to the guitar to discover what went wrong. No longer an aspiring artist, he is now a “former musician,” overcoming his earlier disappointment and learning a new and richer kind of love for music.

By examining his own return to music, Kurtz shows how learning to pick yourself up and continue may be the practice room’s most important lesson. In this way, Practicing speaks not just to musicians, but to everyone who has striven for an ideal—and learned from disappointment. Containing vivid portraits of his teachers, friends, and competitors, along with a fascinating history of the classical guitar, its players, and composers, Practicing is an inspiring, entertaining, and meditative memoir. A love affair with music.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ctibor Susser No. 1 Exercises and pieces for beginners

book1 !!! 428 exercises on 110 pages !!!
!!! Adopt a systematic approach to guitar playing !!!
!!! Learn and enjoy !!!
!!! Discover the beauty of music, starting with the simplest exercises !!!





This textbook has been successful in teaching children as young as six years of age. It contains more than 400 exercises, folk songs, carols, short solo pieces and duets. It is illustrated with pictures to colour in and with diagrams of basic chords to play. The introduction contains a brief theory of music illustrated with practical examples.


The course can be divided into three grades of difficulty:

Exercises 1-159
Played with fingers i and m on melody strings E, G, and B, concentrating on mastering the basic left hand notes up to the 3rd position, sufficient to play most folk songs, carols and well known tunes.
Exercises 160-269
Two-part melodies. The thumb plays only the bass strings E, A and D. Left-hand fingers are not required to fret the bass line. Thus freed, they have enough scope to play melodies up to the 8th position. Such technique is physically undemanding, thus facilitating the student's smooth natural progress.
Exercises 270 onward
Multi-part melodies with sustained, as well as open bass strings, concentrating on developing melodic feeling and duet playing between pupil and teacher. It is recommended to start memorising basic chords from the diagram table.
1–55 Rhythmic and Melodic Exercises
56–95 Folk Songs on the E, B, G Strings
96–113 F-sharp
114–121 C-sharp
124–126 G-sharp
127–130 B-flat
131–145 Christmas Carols in Unison
146–159 Tunes from Abroad
160–197 Exercises with Bass Notes
198 Chinese Song
199 Andantino
200 The Slow Runner
201 The Little Cowboy
202 Drops
203 Dance
204 Breeze
205 The Sad Flower
206 Waltz
207 Blue Pebbles
208 Spinning Wheel
209 In the Square
210 Dreamy
211 Grinder
212 Village Dance
213-222 Technical Exercises
223 Moderato
224 Dream
225 Lonely
227 Polka
228 Song of a Cowboy
229 Waltz I
230 Waltz II
231 Waltz III
233 Romance
234 Moderato
235 Adagio
236 Romance-anonyme from Spain
237 Little Stream
238 Etude
239 The Laughing Cowboy
240 Andantino
241 Little ball
242 Moderato
243 Wals
244 Capriccio
245 Ländler
246 Comodo
247 Without Worry
248 Music Box
249 Menuet
250 Savanna
251 Tears
252 Maestoso
253 Far Away
254 Springtime
255 Little ball
256 Dumka
257 The Moulting Slug
258 Lento
259 Polka
260 Only Just
261 Cantabile
262 Negro Spiritual
263 Allegretto
264 Etude
265 Adagio
266 Chinese Song
267 Lullaby
268 Tale
269 Crusaders
270 For Pauline
271 Capriccio
272 Old Dance
273 Etude
274 Tango
275 In the Meadow
276 Strawberry
277 Ballad
278 Caprice
279 From the Tyrol I
280 From the Tyrol II
281-286 Suite in A minor
287 Blues
288 Romance
289 Sarabande
290 In the Clouds
291 On Sunday
292 Tango
293 Pastorale
294 Melancholy
295 Romance
296 Tango
297 Nocturne
298 Amoroso
299 Legato blues
300 For Sandra
301 Tango
302 The Return
303 Postcard
304 Summer
305 The Lazy Cat
306 Wind
307 Snapshot
308 Blues
309 Waiting for a Letter
310 Amabile
311 Blues
312-315 Suite in A minor
316 Fanfare
317 Souvenir
318 On the Move
319 Little Plaits
320 For Eve
321 Dawn
322 Farewell
323-394 Song with Bass Notes
395-409 Christmas Carols
410-428 Tunes from Abroad


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ctibor Susser No. 6 Fantasy from the world of minerals



Vol. 6 is written for mature, experienced and technically well-accomplished players. On the other hand, the melodies are composed in such a way as to make their technique accessible and uncomplicated. The Volume opens with an eight-piece renaissance-like Suite for one or two guitars. Further pieces are mostly romantic in character. There is also, however, music influenced by clacissism, blues and the Spanish style. The Volume contains 36 solo pieces, of which 19 have a second part added.

The pieces in this textbook bear names of stones that I have collected in the Slavkov Forest region of Western Bohemia. A number of stones on show in museums all round the world hail from this region. I am enchanted by stones, and several times a week make visits to places which once saw the beginnings of mining in the Middle Ages.

1 Kasiterit
2 Jarosit
3 Bertrandit
4 Citrin
5 Covellin
6 Markazit
7 Crandalit
8 Waylandit
9 Wavellit
10 Olivenit
11 Dickit
12 Ametyst
13 Variscit
14 Rockbridgeit
15 Russelit
16 Jaspis
17 Emplektit
18 Turmalin
19 Libethenit
20 Opal
21 Frondelit
22 Erytrin
23 Goshenit
24 Beryl
25 Langit
26 Topaz
27 Goethit
28 Strengit
29 Chryzokol
30 Azurit
31 Kakoxen
32 Fluellit
33 Karfolit
34 Skorodit
35 Ramsdellit
36 Tyrkys


Ctibor Susser 77 little duets for beginners No. 5


77 duets for beginners and the slightly advanced!
These pieces can also be played as solos!
A suitable addition to Vol 1 'Exercises and pieces for beginners'!






This collection of pieces is one of the most comprehensive teaching aids for chamber-music playing to date. It contains 77 duets for beginners and the slightly advanced. The top part is written as independent, while the lower part is intended for the teacher or an experienced accompanist.

The pieces in this Volume fall into two groups as to their technical demands. Nos 1 - 44 have the top part entirely free of held bass notes, while Nos 45 - 77 are colourful, tuneful and rhythmic duets asking for bass notes to be held by the fingers of the left hand.

These duets are a suitable addition to Vol 1 'Exercises and pieces for beginners' and serve to develop pupil and teacher ensemble playing.


1   Bagatelle
2   In the Prairie
3   Cradle
4   The Abandoned Toy
5   Little Ball
6   The Princess is Getting Up
7   At the Fair
8   Lazy
9   With Joy
10   Silk
11   The Fair
12   Russian Troika
14   The Tired Cowboy
15   Comodo
16   Folk Song
17   Souvenir
18   Hungarian Dance
19   Butterfly
20   Birthday
21   Little Window
22   Csardas
23   March
24   Barcarola
25   Branle
26   Arizona
27   Little skein
28   Walk
29   Moderato
30   Diary
31   Meadow
32   Etude
33   Gift
34   Feather Quilt
35   Glory
36   Marzipan
37   Letter
38   Ripples
39   Medal
40   Romance
41   Little Flower
42   Dance
43   Tune
44   Midnight
45 Aria
46 Gavotte
47 Minuet
48   Allemande
49   Sarabande
50   Gigue
51   The Sad Sailor
52 Tango
53   Nymph
54   Pavana
55   Galliarde
56   Allemande
57 Amulet
58   Cha-cha-cha
59   Sky
60   Candlestick
61   Lullaby
62   Earthworm
63   Morning
64   Bergamasca
65   Blues A
66   A Bad School Report
67   Legend
68   Album
69   Cantabile
70 Socks
71   A Welcome Visit
72 Blues E
73   Rendezvous
74 Diamond
75 Torero
76   Caress
77   Farewell



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