Sunday, June 8, 2008

Alvaro Pierri Plays Classical Spanish Guitar (DVDrip)

Alvaro Pierri Plays Classical Spanish Guitar

A recital of Alvaro Pierri DVD, in which he plays some Barrios, Sor etc.


I hope you will enjoy this.

DVDrip, 610m, password: “pierri recital”


Alter said...

thank you very much for this video, but the first part it is not available, could you please upload it.

M@nGor€ said...

Is there anyway to convince you to upload first part of this video. I migth have some really interesting stuff for you too. Just contact me.


Renci said...

The first part is not avalaible. Please can you upload this file? Thank you.

dobermat said...

Hi! thanks but the first part was deleted by 4share!
Could you please upload it again?
thanks in advance

Eduardo Rochedo said...

hi, could post again the first part.



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