Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Carcassi, Matteo (1792-1853 Italy) Sheet Music

Gallop    No difficulties, sounds nice. 

Andantino from "The Nouveau Papillon" op.5    Simple piece with very beautiful melody.  

From the six caprices op.46:

Caprice No.2    This one is my favourite among the six.

Caprice No.4    Very vivid and has to be played fluently and fast (like all of these six).

Caprice No.5    Listen, how the melody lies in the arpeggios and changes to the bass notes.


From the 25 progressive melodic studies op 60:

Etude no.3 op60 - Andantino     One of the easier ones and fun to play.

Etude no.7 op60 - Allegro     Try this one to help you build up some speed or to prepare for Recuerdos de la Alhambra. 

Etude no.9 op60 - Allegro grazioso  

Etude no.11 op60 - Agitato     Quick changes between upper and lower melody. 

Etude no.13 op60 - Andantino grazioso    The melody in the lower notes and quick chaneges from arpegios to tremoloes. 

Etude no.14 op60 - Allegro moderato    Practice this kind of flowing melody line 

Etude no.16 op60 - Andante     This one has a beautiful melody. 

Etude no.22 op60 - Allegretto    The melody lines run over all 6 strings - good practice 

Etude no.25 op60 - Allegro brillante    Now this one is something else to play right. 


Download: Carcassi, Matteo Sheet Music

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