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Pumping Nylon: Easy to Early Intermediate Repertoire

Pumping Nylon: Easy to Early Intermediate Repertoire

The pieces in this book are selected and designed around the various techniques addressed in the best-selling book Pumping Nylon. They are offered as an extension of the excercises presented in that book, and to provide attractive and easy peices in which to apply the various techniques discussed. New compositions by Andrew York and other contemporary composers are included as well as classic etudes by Tarrega, Carcassi, Giuliani and Sor. The pieces are helpful for developing arpeggios, tremolo, scale velocity and more.

About the Author
Glossary of Signs and Terms
Different Strokes Gunod
Walking Gunod
Opus 44, #6 Sor
Bit o' Nostalgia Tennant
Balancing Act Tennant
Snowflight York
Crispin's Spin Zoufonoun
Estudio #2 Tarrega
Etude #19 Carcassi
Op. 35, #18 Sor
Sore Study Sor
Opus 60, #18 Sor
Opus 60, #24 Sor
Malaguena Tennant
Etude #13 Carcassi
Etude #7 Carcassi
Little Landler Tennant
Etude #2 Carcassi
Two Studies Tarrega
Estudio #12 Tarrega
Estudio #3 Tarrega
Etude #6 Carcassi
Etude #12 Carcassi
Opus 6, Studio 4 Sor
Opus 35, #19 Sor
Studio de Campanelas su un Tema Della Folia di M. de Fossa Tarrega
3 Pavans Milan
Pavan #1 Milan
Pavan #2 Milan
Pavan #3 Milan
Opus 44, #8 Sor
Exercises in 3rds and 6ths Giuliani
Exercise in 3rds Giuliani
Exercise in 6ths Giuliani
Opus 35, #5 Sor
Slur Study Giuliani
Opus 31, Lecon XV Sor
Opus 31, Lecon XII Sor
A Pale View Pritchard


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Pumping Nylon: Easy to Early Intermediate Repertoire


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