Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sheet Music Collection (D-F)

LC Daquin - La Guitarra

T Damas - Etude

C. Debussy - La fille aux lin

C. Debussy - Prelude from Suite Bergamesque

Domeniconi - Koyunbaba (Suite)

Domeniconi - Minyo

Domeniconi - Omaggio A A.Carlevaro

J. Dowland - Aloe

J. Dowland - Dr. Cases Pavane

J. Dowland - Earl of Essex Galliard

J. Dowland - Fancy

J. Dowland - Fantasy (in E major)

J. Dowland - First Galliard

J. Dowland - Frog Galliard

J. Dowland - Go From My Window

J. Dowland - Lachrimae Pavan

J. Dowland - Master Piper's Galliard

J. Dowland - Melancholy Galliard

J. Dowland - Mignarda Galliard

J. Dowland - Mr. Langton's Galliard

J. Dowland - My Lady Hunsdon's Puffe

J. Dowland - Piper's Pavan

J. Dowland - Queen Elizabeth's Galliard

J. Dowland - Robin

J. Dowland - Round Battle Galliard

J. Dowland - Sir Henry Guilforde Almaine

J. Dowland - Sir John Smith Almaine

J. Dowland - Sir John Souchs Galliard

J. Dowland - Solus Cum Sola

J. Dowland - Tarleton's Resurrection

J. Dowland - The Lord Viscount Lisles Galliard

J. Dowland - The Shoemaker's Wife

M. Falla - Chanson Du Feu Follet

M. Falla - Homage to Debussy

J. Ferrer - Capricho Op.48

J. Ferrer - Nocturno no.1

J. Ferrer - Nocturno no.2

D. Fortea - Allegro Concerto

D. Fortea - Andalus

D. Fortea - Elegia

D. Fortea - Monteria

Foscarini - Works

G. Frescobaldi - Aria con Variazioni

G. Frescobaldi - Aria detto Baletto

G. Frescobaldi - Dances and Variations

M. de Fuenllana - Fantasies


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