Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Carulli and a few new Karma Sutra positions, well actually one new position on the guitar.

As discussed earlier, violinists learn the fingerboard (and sight-reading) in position.  Guitarists learn the notes in the open position, then learn the barré chords and pentatonic box and consider themselves as  having arrived.  Few can sight-read well above the third fret. That is why so many 'serious' instrumentalists consider us guitar players to be sub-par morons.  We is.   Carulli's Method (penned way back in the early 1800's -- probably in Linear-A and on stone tablets -- was a more traditional pedagogical approach.  He taught left-hand positions.  While this is not necessarily going to render you an awesome sight reader for modern music, or even guitaristically composed pieces of any time period, his approach will yield a superior sight-reader than most of our contemporary brethren will ever aspire to be.

In the following exercise that was edited from the Carulli Method, we see a scale-arpeggio study in E Major that is played entirely with stopped strings utilizing notes found on the fourth through seventh frets.  Please DO NOT read through this and use any open strings or open position notes that you learned in Mel Bay volume One.  Please follow the fingerings that I have added after, gosh, minutes of careful thought.

You'll be surprised how many times you'll reach for the open position.  I know I was and did.

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