Friday, August 22, 2008

Right and Left hands both get a work-out in this Albéniz classic. PART 3

There is nothing new here to see. Uh huh. Well, the one different (or shall I say difficult) thing is the bar chord in measure 37. Nobody can grab this chord on the first read-through. It takes genuine work to get the chord to sound cleanly with the pinky stretching out to the twelfth fret. What makes it possible? Practice -- and say it with me -- SLOW, deliberate, conscious careful practice. In the immortal words of Douglas Adams, DON'T PANIC! This can be performed. John Williams did it on one of his albums in the late 1960's and to me it is a benchmark recording. He plays the chord cleanly and in tempo.


Segovia ever playing leyenda in which he actually changes the chord voicing. It doesn't sound as rich and dramatic as when played with the high E, but here is what the Maestro played on an early recording:


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