Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Giuliani is great but a bit harmonically challenged!

Almost heresy.  And you know by now that I sincerely love Giuliani.  You've seen the 120 Studies for the Right Hand.  They are awesome and necessary pedagogical technique studies.  But, BUT!  Flipping from C major to G7 to C major for the amount of time it takes to run through the entire 120 Studies will leave you with a sonic hangover.

Larry Silvestro, noted double bassist, guitarist and teacher suggested using other chords, i.e., run the thing with E major and B7 for a while, swap out to A major, try some minor keys, you get the idea.   What I did eventually was make up my own series of exercises utilizing all the right hand patterns that Giuliani suggested and then string them together to form a continuous 'piece'.  If you own the 120, go through them trying this kind of trick.  If you don't won the 120, consider getting them -- soon.  With those ands the Carulli Right Hand Studies, you've got the issue covered!

Check out this brief excerpt of what I did to Giuliani.

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